Soulstice Herbal Tea

From our friends at North Roots Herb Farm

Soulstice Tea is a special blend made in honour of our Winter Solstice.

The Winter Solstice is rooted in ancient times of honouring the rebirth of sunlight after the darkness period. This blend is very much like Blissful Mint with the added spices to warm the heart and aid in digestion.

Ingredients: Organic peppermint, organic spearmint, organic English mint, organic mountain mint, organic plantain leaf, organic marshmallow leaf and flower, organic raw cacao, organic cinnamon, organic ginger.

The mints and spices in this tea are a wonderful blend of flavours and good to have on hand during these times of celebration. 

The Herbs in this blend are traditionally known to aid in digestion, supporting tummy health and calming one’s spirit.  

Brewing Time: 5 to 13 mins.  

50g | 45-50 cups of teas   


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