Surrender & Release Herbal Tea

From our friends at North Roots Herb Farm

Surrender & Release is an aromatic blend that brings us from our heads back to our hearts.

Anise Hyssop is part of the mint family and it has an exquisite anise flavour with a velvety smooth influence from the marshmallow. It is a wonderful herbal tea blend and can be steeped either hot or cold.

Ingredients: Organic Anise Hyssop, organic marshmallow leaf and flower.

The Anise Hyssop herb is all about calming your nervous system and acting has a cardiac herb by strengthening a weak heart. It aids digestion and relieves congestion from coughs and colds. The marshmallow is very high in mucilaginous helping to soothe irritated, inflamed mucosa lining such as sore throats. It also helps soothe the digestive tract and kidneys.

Brewing time: 5 to 13 mins.

30g | 25-30 cups of teas


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