Mellow Mood Herbal Tea

From our friends at North Roots Herb Farm

Mellow Mood Tea helps one relax and gives one a quiet, peaceful mind, easing stress and tension brought on from busyness. 

This blend helps one relax and ease tension giving a restful tranquil balance to your being. This rich, floral, earthy, sweet tasting tea feels like a hug from Mother Earth, grounding and letting go. Take a moment of your time for a perfect quiet break.

Ingredients: Organic lavender, organic linden flower and leaf, organic catnip flower and leaf, organic chamomile flowers, organic nettle, organic alfalfa flower and leaf. 

Time Honoured Uses: Calms the mind, helpful for irritability and soothes nervousness, promoting a restful sleep. Helping one with intellectual overload.  

Brewing time: 5 to 13 mins. 



30g | 25-30 cups of teas  


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