Unity Herbal Tea

From our friends at North Roots Herb Farm

Unity Tea helps create a natural flow of balance into each chakra, aligning ourselves with this divine intelligence of nature.  

While sipping on a cup of Unity Tea it recalls memories of a garden after a spring rain. The bouquet of flavour brings one into a place of gratitude and peacefulness. This blend helps one calm the mind and go into the heart centre. 

Ingredients: Organic lavender, organic lemon balm leaf and flower, organic mugwort leaf and flower, organic sage leaf and flower, organic marshmallow leaf and flower, organic rose petals, organic calendula flowers, wild crafted organic sumac berries, organic alfalfa leaf and flower.


These herbs were used to calm the mind, lift the spirits, soothe a sore throat, supports the immune system on a physical and metaphysical level.

Brewing Time: 5 to 13minutes.  

30g | 25-30 cups of teas  


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